Gamescom 2023 – here we come!

Gamescom 2023 – here we come!

It’s only less than 2 weeks left til’ we’re going back to Cologne and we couldn’t be anymore hyped!

We went to Gamescom last year and it was the first time after the pandemic. The facemask was rather important to wear and we always had hand sanitizer with us, just in case. The largest gaming industries was not attending but we still had a blast.

For this year though, we imagine that it’ll be bigger than ever and we’re so prepared for what’s coming! Our flight – check. Our stay – check. Our presspass – CHECK! And our days at Gamescom are very soon fully booked, there are a few spots left and then we’re fully set.

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We hope we’ll see you at Gamescom 23rd – 26th of August!

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