Zabina Svensson

Event management

Bitemind Studios boasts a rich history of orchestrating successful events, with over 20 meticulously executed gatherings under our belt, aptly named Consolidate. From family-friendly affairs to high-profile corporate release parties, we’ve catered to diverse audiences and occasions, consistently delivering exceptional experiences. Our comprehensive event management services cover every aspect, from venue booking and meticulous planning to seamless logistics execution. With a track record of hosting events that have drawn over 1500 attendees, our team possesses the expertise and finesse to ensure your event is a resounding success. Trust Bitemind Studios to bring your vision to life and elevate your event to new heights of excellence.

Andreas Westman

Brand-building services

At Bitemind Studios, we’re passionate about crafting compelling brand identities that resonate deeply within the gaming community. With over three decades of experience in Druidz E-Sport and 15 years in the games media industry, we possess a profound understanding of gaming culture and its nuances. Our brand-building expertise extends across all facets of the gaming landscape, from developing cohesive brand strategies to creating engaging content and fostering meaningful partnerships. Whether you’re a new entrant or an established player in the gaming industry, we offer tailored solutions to elevate your brand presence and forge lasting connections with your audience. Partner with Bitemind Studios, and let us guide you on the journey to building a powerful and enduring brand in the dynamic world of gaming.

Rebecka Ambrus

Digital marketing

At Bitemind Studios, we specialize in leveraging our deep understanding of gaming and esports culture to craft tailored digital marketing strategies. Our expertise spans over three decades, including brand-building, team development, and extensive coverage of gaming events. We offer comprehensive support in navigating the complexities of digital marketing within the gaming sphere, ensuring your brand effectively connects with gamers, influencers, and enthusiasts. Whether you’re aiming to launch a new product, forge partnerships, or enhance your brand visibility, our dedicated team stands ready to deploy innovative tactics and proven methodologies to help you achieve your objectives. Trust Bitemind Studios to be your strategic partner in unlocking the full potential of digital marketing in the gaming world.

Andreas Westman

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Meet Our Team

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Matt Poklets


Alexa Tress

Project Manager

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Finance Manager